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From our long-standing experience in the commercial, congress and exhibition fields, we have found that, whilst English remains the obvious language of choice, it is essential to speak good French when making initial contact with target French-speaking customers.

Liaison interpreting for any of the following activities: French, Italian, Spanish Interpreters for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, congresses, meetings, delegations, institutional talks, workshops, technical training, setting up of businesses, disputes, business trips, corporate and plant visits, commercial negotiations, interviews, business meals, personal shoppers. On request, we also provide transport to and from the airport to take you to meetings, health facilities, shopping centres and exhibition stands. Our interpreters' extensive know-how aims to combine cross-cultural awareness with a comprehensive and accurate understanding of each assignment and of the linguist challenges faced, so as to avoid potential misunderstandings. This is a cheaper, faster and more efficient form of consecutive interpreting.
Simultaneous interpreting: For meetings, presentations, large audience seminars. The interpreter is installed in a soundproof booth and equipped with earphones and a microphone, and renders one spoken language into another in real-time. This demands utmost concentration and specialist skills from the interpreter, and this is why he or she is relayed by a partner every 20-30 minutes.
Whispered interpreting: A simultaneous interpreter is assigned to a maximum of 2 people whispering back to them the words in the target language in real time. This is a less expensive form of simultaneous interpretation since it does not require specialist audio equipment.

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